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Hi, I'm Tom Scott. These are some of the things I've made and done. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time.

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4:32The Radioactive Beach In New York
The Radioactive Beach In New Yorkvisningar 634tnMånad sedan
7:42Australia's Bushfire-Hunting Satellites
Australia's Bushfire-Hunting Satellitesvisningar 507tnMånad sedan
7:49Trying To Fail A Drug Test On Purpose
Trying To Fail A Drug Test On Purposevisningar 1,4mnMånad sedan
17:59The Greatest Title Sequence I've Ever Seen
The Greatest Title Sequence I've Ever Seenvisningar 1,5mn2 månader sedan
2:46The Never-Used Road Where The BBC Crash Cars
The Never-Used Road Where The BBC Crash Carsvisningar 1,3mn2 månader sedan
4:03How Many Languages Are There?
How Many Languages Are There?visningar 851tn2 månader sedan
4:47Walking The Most Dangerous Path In Britain
Walking The Most Dangerous Path In Britainvisningar 1,5mn2 månader sedan
9:51Why The Web Is Such A Mess
Why The Web Is Such A Messvisningar 1,5mn3 månader sedan
6:07I Almost Learned To Fly A Jetpack
I Almost Learned To Fly A Jetpackvisningar 779tn3 månader sedan
8:21Five Things You Can't Do On British Television
Five Things You Can't Do On British Televisionvisningar 2,2mn3 månader sedan
5:23My Unlicensed Hovercraft Bar Is Technically Legal
3:24It’s pronounced GIF.
It’s pronounced GIF.visningar 1,8mn4 månader sedan
2:25The Theme Park Inside An Old Nuclear Power Plant
7:52We Built A Lie-Detector Skeleton From 1927
We Built A Lie-Detector Skeleton From 1927visningar 546tn4 månader sedan
6:51How Binary Search Makes Computers Much, Much Faster
3:24The Tiny Monorails That Once Carried James Bond
5:17Would You Swim In Power Plant Wastewater?
Would You Swim In Power Plant Wastewater?visningar 2,8mn5 månader sedan
11:121,204,986 Votes Decided: What Is The Best Thing?
18:16DISCONNECTED: The Champion of Champions Grand Final
4:08Swimming Between Two Continents, Debunked
Swimming Between Two Continents, Debunkedvisningar 989tn5 månader sedan
4:22Which Is "Bouba", and Which Is "Kiki"?
Which Is "Bouba", and Which Is "Kiki"?visningar 1,3mn6 månader sedan


  • the CASE act was signed into law in december! however, it still has its flaws, but let’s hope it gets better :)

  • Because SElists people don't have lobbyists working for them to get them tax breaks, free land, and so on. All those perks people give Hollywood et al costs governments/taxpayers $325,000 per person, so not worth it at all.

  • Thank you for helping us be aware

  • Amazing. I'm moving to Svalbard right now.

  • People don’t realize that Tv is absolutely stuffed full of advertisements even in the Scripts of the programs and product placement.

  • Modern Peugeot drivers when they see this: "visible confusion"


  • "We'll be right back after these messages," "mY mESsage!"

  • Ahh yes, Kirby's Dream (land).

  • Brilliant

  • Мог, бы кто-то пояснить русскоговорящему человеку как сделать что-то похожее?

  • That piece of art is so frustrating

  • I don't think anyone knows what direction theyre standing surely it would be relative to the map, up/forward down/backward left right - north south west east if it's already related to cardinal directions they would consider "up" and "forward" on the map north

  • ah yes, vote saxon, like that lil reference there

  • tom is on to me

  • Liminal video titles. Nostalgia for videos that don't exist

  • Could you make the AI write all my uni assignments...

  • Weird question but since that line is exactly on one hour, but the time is always changing, does that mean that this theoretical lime is moving? Or did i understand something wrong?

  • Put-in-bay is kinda the same way.

  • Statistical sentence endings that give information on how certain you are of the information and what kind of curve explains the likely range of probabilities that you are correct in your statement. I have fe100%d the cat , the cat is happ80%y. Person x i60%s a good politician. I don't believ99%e in ghosts.

  • jesus, give the video editor a payrise. That was fantastically put together

  • The whole county is a triumph over nature

  • how rude

  • I live in New Zealand but I've never heard of it

  • Nearly 100 off, oof

  • I just dropped by to say hello to the off-brand Miles Edgeworth on the thumbnail

  • Are those constellations at 2:30 ..? They look so... otherwordly.

  • great concept for a video and even better execution. well done.

  • I’m lucky enough to have been able to go to this when I was very very young, it was a fun time and very cool to see.

  • "Taken as religious text" nowadays idk if that's a joke or hes being serious constitution is swiss cheese and more of recommendation letter in todays day and age

  • "Forgot every book JK Rowling ever wrote... We still remember the names of these people" Almost good news... :-(

  • i was on the side of watercraft till i thought about farming which would fall apart without tractors

  • I’ve just realised that the term ‘Atomic Schnapps’ will now likely be trademarked by Greene King.

  • I wonder how many people who voted for invisibility were thinking "changing rooms"

  • I was gonna just leave and be like, whelp, there is the answer

  • I think it's important to note that all the small things add to the feel of the sequence, even if you don't notice them.


  • There's a British movie about a similar system called the klax and it competed with the mail. Terry Pratchett's Going Postal.

  • GAAAAAH I WANT THAT API ACCESS SO BAD! I signed up for the beta months ago and emailed gpt-3(not expecting to actually get access) and nothing.

  • A lot of games need to figure this novelty familiarity bit out. Like Game Freak to stop deleting content and just add to it. No one who actually likes a thing wants it to wildly change they really just want more to do. People who want it to wildly change should be ignored because they're not your core audience. They're more aptly called people who don't like your thing.

  • So why filming a video in the rain is interesting? :P

  • Couldn’t they just stretch the last second out to two seconds? That way they still contain any issues just to that two second part of the day.

  • Still 100% spot on.

  • the software and equipment going into making this show is seriously so incredible. i get so excited to see the commercial breaks because its just fascinating

  • Norway don't have rabies.

  • The well-to-do range regionally trip because visitor anatomically answer given a lively air. sweltering, productive billboard

  • 1:38 Me in the middle of class

  • Haha never try to talk with a lungful of vape. Never ends well 😂

  • All I have to say is we will be back right after these messages from our sponsors and viewers like you! In other words they do declare ads, just like if you were to cut away and say "this video is brought to you by Bang Her Mash Brothel"

  • This is epic

  • Aren't the things you're comparing against those types of things that are presumed to be fantasy? Whereas 'influencers' are presumed to be realistic? I would argue that's why the differentiation exists.

  • Non sono ascensori ma si chiamano Funi.

  • “The clocks are going slow all over Europe. We shall not see them accurate again in our lifetime.”

  • This video is like a time machine

  • Comedians: Nervous sweating AI: haha joke generator goes brrrrrrrrrr

  • I watched this video 7 years ago when it came out, and I am still blind.

  • Never knew there was any debate about number of spaces after a period...

  • For anyone on this video, search the extension "I don't care about cookies". It will block the consent popups.

  • Really stretching it for that 10 minute mark eh?

  • I'm saying graphics interchange format every time just to keep everybody happy.

  • Most professional level cameras cost in the thousands.

  • "I'm running out of ideas"

  • I suspect the only reason to want to go to foulness island is because of the difficulty to get there compared to any actual compelling reason to go.

  • Maybe not, but a potato peeler will do the trick.

  • That's way more interesting than anything Helena Blavatsky actually did.

  • Oh wow, this really takes me back to my youth when I would rock out to Does the Spearmint Lose Its Flavor On the Bedpost Overnight?

  • Still working

  • 🖕 the Government

  • They got back the garlic bread from space by locking it with 2 plastic string

  • Still Exactly right

  • After arriving from space, the bread looked like a radiation sandwich.

  • Wow

  • I still can't stop thinking about soulja boy wearing that superman shirt that was blurred.

  • Could we bring back þe þorn?

  • No minuto 4:01 o instrutor zuando ele. kkjkjkjk

  • If it's illegal to get drunk in a pub then what's the point of even having pubs

  • interesting

  • Still 100% spot on

  • Talking crap about the mouse. I wonder when/if they will find Toms body.

  • I mistook those for Peeps in the thumbnail